What We Do

Our Fundraising Goals

As you know, all areas of education are experiencing drastic funding cuts. For the coming year we have set the goal of raising $10,000 dollars to support:

  • High quality continuing education opportunities for pediatric dentists
  • Continued support of the UW advanced pediatric dental education endowment
  • A grant program to support UW and Yakima pediatric dentistry resident research projects
  • A reserve fund which would allow your board to support timely and worthwhile opportunities to advance pediatric dentistry

WSAPD Foundation Fundraising Support and Initiatives

Past contributions have supported the following improvements for pediatric dental residents:

  • Purchase of a Biostar Machine, an intraoral camera, and statistical analysis software
  • Registration and airfare for UW pediatric dental residents to attend several different AAPD meetings
  • Purchase of AAPD posters so that the residents could present at the annual AAPD meeting
  • Purchase of AAPD handbooks for the residents
  • Dental licenses for residents
  • Registration for PALS courses

Ongoing initiatives:

Support for High Quality Continuing Education
High quality continuing education opportunities are critical to the advancement of pediatric dental practice. The WSAPDF board will review these opportunities as they arise and as appropriate will direct support to assure the advancement of pediatric dental practice.

UW Endowment
To date, the WSAPD Foundation has donated $115,000 towards the University of Washington Endowment Fund. Further donations to this will continue to support the education of tomorrow’s pediatric dentists.

Public Health Grants
Investments in public health initiatives benefit all dentists that treat pediatric dentists. Supporting our public health partners is a good thing for us all.

Build Reserves
Every organization that wants to be around for the long-run needs a solid bank account. WSAPD Foundation wants to be able to quickly respond to discretionary programs and make immediate gifts to organizations and initiatives that support our mission.

If you would like to contribute toward any one or all of these initiatives, please download the following Foundation Donation Form and follow the instructions included.